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DECLÉOR, specialist in AROMATHERAPY, offers a range of natural products for the FACE based on ESSENTIAL OILS.


Spa TerreHappy

massage of your choice

Benefit of a massage :
A massage is good for sleep. It helps to fight against stress and anxiety. Blood and lymphatic circulation are improved and toxins are evacuated. A feeling of well-being and lightness are felt. The muscular and articular pains dissipated or disappeared. It’s a real reconciliation with the body.

Future mother : massage is a wonderful choice during prenatal care.Very gently, we will accompany you. According to your request we will soothe sensitive areas and disconforts

  • At the Terrehappy Spa, you will find the following massages
    Amma sitting Swedish Californian Tuina (Chinese)
    Pre and Post Natal massage of the pregnant woman
  • Price according to the duration of the massage :
    55 € / 30 mn
    75 € / 45 mn
    90 € / 60 mn
    145 € / 1h30

Hand and foot care

Terrehappy Spa opts for OPI and Shellac brands

These nail polishes enhance the art of nail beauty. Their professional formula makes it possible to obtain resistant and healthier nails. They contain naturally silky amino acids and a pearlescent pigment that produces an unequaled shine. They provide a durable and shiny finish that does not peel and a manicure that lasts longer.

Shell… what ? Shellac !
You will soon hear a lot (many) talk: it is a very powerful varnish designed to keep nails at the top of the top for a long time. Combining the ease of application of a classic nail polish with the tough hold of semi-permanent nail polish, it is composed of a gel-acrylic formula. In short: a kind of hybrid varnish!
->see : what is Shellac Nail polish Shellac ? (in french)

Prices Hand and foot Session
. Simple manicure:
shape, cuticles care, nail polish
35 €
. Manucure:
Shape, cuticle care, massage, nail polish
55 €
. Simple pedicure:
Cutting, filing, shaping nails, cuticle care, callus removal, massage,
nail polish
55 €
. Pedicure:
Cutting or filing, shaping nails, cuticle care, foot scrub, callus removal, massage, nail polish
75 €
. Foot massage
25 € /20mn
. Footbath & shiatsu chair
15 € /20mn
. Semi-permanent nail polish
35 €
. Semi-permanent nail polish with manicure
45 €

Hair removal for the woman

Spa TerreHappy

We use azulene wax to achieve a perfect hair removal on all skin types including sensitive skin. Low temperature wax, disposable.
We recommend Aroma Comfort for hydration and Aroma Epil to slow hair growth. DECLEOR product range.

Waxing session
Top lip
5 €
5 €
Eyebrow lin creation
12 €
10 €
12 €
Half leg wax (up to knees)
15 €
Full leg wax
20 €
Bikini wax
8 €
Bresilian wax
18 €

Relaxation Treatments

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