Relaxation treatments

Treatment constellations

Scrubs. Hot Tub. Hammam

Hot tube for 2

Hammam dug in the rock that can acommodate up to 6 people

Possible to privatise the spa from 10 to 12 people

détente hammam soin du corps galerie spa spaterrehappy


Spa TerreHappy

The Hammam is recommended for relaxation to healthy people and is not recommended for pregnant women given the main action on the blood circulation. The temperature is between 40 and 45 °, the hygrometry at 80%. ) A significant vasodilatation which induces a very effective relaxation:

. muscle and ligament relaxation
. bronchial decongestion
. favorable to sleep
. improves blood and lymphatic circulation
. elimination of toxins

Excellent if you want to start your well-being with confidence
and prepare for the massage.

Body Scrub

The scrub is recommended with care. It releases skin from impurities and dead skin. It prepares the skin to accommodate the oils, minerals, and other products we use. The skin is thus thinner, softer, more hydrated.

The salts of the Dead Sea

Thanks to its important composition in different minerals, take a bath or make a body wrap with the salts of the Dead Sea, will help you relieve muscular pains, rheumatism or even skin problems. It will also remineralize your cells and moisturize your skin, while promoting the elimination of toxins to act on your well-being and relax.

détente cristaux-sels-mer-morte

The black mud of the Dead Sea

Dead Sea mud is known for its nourishing, moisturizing, firming and skin-softening properties. It eliminates impurities while rebalancing the skin, sanitizing and smoothing its grain. The benefits of this black mud also reduce muscle pain and rheumatism.

After a bath or scrub with salts from the Dead Sea the body will be covered with warm black mud and wrapped in a warm blanket. The heat allows an acceleration of the blood circulation and a better penetration of the minerals. Your body will be full of energy and minerals in
30 ‘. Little more … Your wrap can be done in the hammam!

Treatment constellations

. Scrub & bubble bath
. Scrub with crystals of the Dead Sea & balancelle
. Balneotherapy with Crystals of the Dead Sea & balancelle
. Balneotherapy & pedicure
. Balneotherapy & manicure
. Hammam
. Hammam & Scrub
. Body scrub and Wrap (with Dead Sea Crystals)
. Hammam & 30 mn Massage
. Hammam, body scrub & 45 mn massage
détente bain à remous

Balneotherapy or Hydromassage (20 ‘)
Comfortably installed in a bathtub, a global massage is performed by submarine jets on the back, kidneys and legs.
The water temperature is 32 ° C
Chromotherapy is adapted to your needs:
– the red stimulates
– the yellow revitalizes
– the blue relaxes
– the green (mixture of blue and yellow) calm

Towel rental: bathrobe, towels and slippers
(or you can bring your own)

The + of Spa Terrehappy . Good to know

La Balancelle

. Tonicity and general vitality
. Better recovery with effort
. Quality sleep
. Deep and fast relaxation
Learn more about the benefits of La Balancelle 

Pedispa and massage Shiatsu

The Pedi Spa armchair with a hydro massage foot basin is a complete resort for spa treatments ,Manicure and Spa Pedicure. A prestigious space to give exclusive sensations. The Pedi Spa armchair is extremely comfortable, equipped with an adjustable backrest and large armrests, shiatsu neck massage at the lower back.

Jacquier air bowl

The Jacquier Air Bowl is recognized:
. to improve recovery in case of chronic fatigue and stress
. to preserve one’s intellectual, physical and sensory abilities
. to accompany weight loss
. for the preparation and physical and psychic recovery of athletes
. to accompany teenagers during exams From 3’to 5 ‘before or after treatment.

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